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Flowers by Gjallarhorn-IceWing Flowers :icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 4 2 W H Y by Gjallarhorn-IceWing W H Y :icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 0 5
Spark of Life: Guardian (Prologue)
Centuries upon centuries ago... 

Flames had erupted from the ground as the King had entered the room. From the mere sighting of Him, the Sparks stood, bowing their heads respectively at His presence.
The King waved His talon. "Sit," his metallic voice rang. 
The Sparks sat back down in their thrones.
"Glad to see you're attending the Council meeting, King Tartarus," A flaming dragon spoke, from the other side of Tartarus' throne. Her claws tapping the table lightly. 
"Likewise, Solis," he replied.
"Well. I don't know if you should feel the same, because this gathering's purpose is regarding you, Necro Spark," she spat. "And we figured it'd be important for you to know of our proposition."
Tartarus raised a brow, "and what is your purport?" he looked over behind him. To see a beautiful, glowing dragoness rushing in. She was a glowing pale yellow. With a chartreuse streak along her head, "my Queen, come join
:icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 0 0
...Elon will be rendered to ashes...
Incineration Whence the Star.
I have brought urgent news.
Tartarus has called upon the Stealer of Will Mind.
Yes. He will bring about the End of Days.
Well, what?
Judging from the situation. I'd say there's one way to go about taking care of the Reaping Mind.
And what might that be?
To incinerate him.
That's your answer to everything.
Well. It'll also incinerate Elon.
Yes, I'd give the Guardians a heads up before I reach the Nova system.
I wish you luck, Solis.
:icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 0 0
Gonaga is coming...
Fraudator Voluntatem.. Stealer of Will.
Yes, that is I.
Elon is locked in an everlasting war.
So I have heard.
The Guardian Sparks have brought the Minds of the elements to their aid. It's about time we fight fire with fire.
I'm halfway across the galaxy, approximately 300,000 light years away.
It'll take years before I reach your petty binary system. Even though the Minds are living nebulae, we still take time. And space is ever growing as we speak.
I do not need your excuses. We are losing this fight. And you are the catalyst to help us win this war.
Gonaga is only a last resort. If the inhabitants of Elon are not worthy. All life will be purged.
I have acquainted with many of the inhabitants of our realm.. not worthy if you ask me.
Very well then. Elon will turn crimson with the blood that shall be spilt.
Excellent. Once the job is done, you shall be granted your own quartet of Nova.
It will be done, Tartarus..
:icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 1 6
Wings of Fire Revolution: Polyphemus (Ch. 2-3)
Universe created by Tui T. Sutherland
Chapter 2: Polyphemus
"WHAT??" Polyphemus roared.
Columns of lava shot up around the team, and the igneous rock bridge holding them up crumbled slightly, years of the orange corrosive substance must've began to take its toll, alongside the sound.
Obelisk placed her warm talon to the SeaWing's mouth, shushing him. "When I remove my talon, you're not going to yell again, or we may be burnt to a crisp, capiche?"
He pushed it aside, with an infuriated look on his face. "Why should we scuttle this place?"
Obelisk sneered, "it's been our contingency plan since the war began! Our generals had always quoted the great NightWing, Sorcerer, 'when your enemies give you hell, rise up! rise up! bring back Its flames! and burn them to ashes!' I think they even wrote a folk song of it. Sorcerer was really influential."
"If we're going to blow this place up, a history lesson isn't needed. Even if it is.. relevant
:icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 1 3
The Azalea's Heart
Gjallarhorn was dashing.
Dashing as fast as he possibly could, the IceWing mustn't let anyone see his weakness. Taking the easy way out of everything. He couldn't let anyone listen to the quick treading of the IceWings steps. It shouldn't show.
Tears were streaming quickly, the loneliness of it all, he couldn't bare it any longer. The moment Gjallarhorn set talon on Nordic Peak, he resented the decision. But it was to get away from his peers. To get away from it all, with the occasional visit by his NightWing companion, Felwinter.
But it wasn't enough for him, he was longing for someone to love. Longing to hold someone's scales in his talons in a gentle manner. He missed it all.
But that was gone. All of it. Gone.
Gjallarhorn stumbled out of the rainforest, to see a roaring waterfall. Yes, it was perfect. He could jump off from here.
Breathing heavily, he stood by the edge.
Azalea sprinted after the white figure she had seen.
What is this dragon doing? she thought. S
:icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 2 5
Wings of Fire Revolution: Polyphemus (Prol. - 1)
Wings of Fire: Revolution (Part One)
Written by Gjallarhorn-IceWing
Universe is made and owned by Tui T. Sutherland
Prologue: Kamchatka
    The climb was up Nordic Peak was excruciating.
    Kamchatka was absolutely freezing! How could anyone but an IceWing survive this mountain climb? How some of the great generals got their strategies was beyond her. But this was the best she could do.
    This.. This risk is worth taking.. For my husband, she thought solemnly.
    She wrapped herself tighter in the forest green cloak she was wearing, and trekked on. Argent snowflakes hitting her cyan scales in rapid succession. Its freezing touch feeling just like the cold grasp of death.
    Kamchatka's talons ached with each passing step, the freezing snow didn't help either, it made her talons fee
:icongjallarhorn-icewing:Gjallarhorn-IceWing 2 7


Wings of Fire Fan Fiction Commissions!
These commissions are for those who are having trouble with writing a fan fiction, and they need someone who can help them out. And I'd be happy to oblige. :>

Maybe compared to other fan fictions, this is cheaper probably cheaper than others, with drafting and revision. XD

Please describe plot, character description (personality, looks, etc.).

This is short lengthed. 

+20 for a medium length.

+40 for long length.

+100 if you want to give me carpal tunnel syndrome with a long long length. XD


...Ok... Homer hides! by JuampyMOrtegaLovesP ...Ok... Homer hides! :iconjuampymortegalovesp:JuampyMOrtegaLovesP 49 6 Azaleahorn by AzaleaFire Azaleahorn :iconazaleafire:AzaleaFire 160 59 Gjallar bounce!! by supermarblesoda Gjallar bounce!! :iconsupermarblesoda:supermarblesoda 7 13 Gjallarhorn by AzaleaFire Gjallarhorn :iconazaleafire:AzaleaFire 91 62


Eleven facts about yourself:

Fact 1: You are reading this.
Fact 2: You can't say "m" without touching your lips.
Fact 3: You just tried it.
Fact 4: You are smiling.
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This spring these had bloomed near my doorstep. They're pretty! (And full of bees XD)
This is where TrES-2b would actually be. But Elite: Dangerous got that very wrong.

What is TrES-2b you may be asking?

Well, it's a gas giant roughly the size of Jupiter in the TrES-2 system. It contains very dark clouds, darker than the blackest coal.

Only because it reflects only one percent of any and all light that passes through.

Oh, and it glows red from inside a little bit. Due to extremely hot temperatures.

That link is an artist's rendition. Done by RandomDraggon (their work is pretty good! Go check them out!)

But it's rather clear that this here gas giant is not that.

I had thought: hmmm I do have an Intermediate Discovery Scanner. Perhaps I was just out of range?

But there's a little thing in the system map that allows you to check if you missed something.

And that's by checking the borders of the system map. If it stops you? You've gotten all the planets.

I did just that, and it turns out that's the only one.

I was rEALLY PISSED. I went over 700 light years out there to try to find this exoplanet. And there was nothing to be found. Nothing but literal shite.

(Sorry about the kind of potato quality, I took this picture on mobile. DX)

I might start a little log of my finds.

Eleven facts about yourself:

Fact 1: You are reading this.
Fact 2: You can't say "m" without touching your lips.
Fact 3: You just tried it.
Fact 4: You are smiling.
Fact 6: You are either smiling or laughing.
Fact 7: You didn't notice that I skipped fact 5.
Fact 8: You just checked it.
Fact 9: You are smiling again.
Fact 10: You will probably favorite this journal
Fact 11: You didn't notice I skipped the period in the previous fact.


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I will never tell you.. muahahah
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Hai there! I'm Gjallarhorn the IceWing! Very pleased to meet you!

I'm always looking to meet new people, if you'd like to talk, shoot me a message on my comments or send me a note! ouo

I'm a writer! I enjoy it! Until I get artist's block. In which case.. Bleh.

My art as jack sh**. It should be burned.



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